Kool and the Gang Comes to Toronto

Can you imagine anything cooler than reliving your childhood or your young adulthood? Now, you can do so at the Casino Rama when you go and see Kool and the Gang play. Yes, Kool and the Gang is still together and they are rocking out for you on July 31st at 9pm. Starting prices are quite reasonable at $30 and just about anyone can have a blast with this exciting casino performance. The casino show schedule means that the doors open at 8pm and the entertainment starts at 9. Have a blast seeing a blast from the past with this awesome group.

More about the Casino Rama

What can you expect in your casino entertainment in Toronto with the Casino Rama? You can expect an amazing package that is filled with so many great things. They have big-name concerts, as evident by the casino show schedule right now, sporting events, luxury places to sleep, dining options and amazing games. Basically, when you are ready for casino entertainment in Toronto, you’ll have it all here. They have 2500 slot machine games and more than 100 gaming tables.  With the free Players Passort Club members can earn concert tickets, amazing meals, hotel stays, invitations to exclusive parties and more. And it gets even better. Along with the casino performance, you can enjoy food in eight restaurants and stay in luxury accommodations. They have a full service spa and so much more.

Entertainment Abounds

Now, there entertainment centre actually has 5000 seats and they bring all sorts of hot concerts to the market. They’ve had KISS, Russell Peters, Sheryl Crow and so many others. And now, of course, the casino performance of the year will be Kool and the Gang. If you don’t know much about Kool and the Gang yet, you’ll love seeing them live in concert. They are an American jazz, R&B, soul, funk and disco group. They formed in 1964, believe it or not, in Jersey City, New Jersey.  They’ve sold over 70 million albums and are today still touring and helping people to rock out.

More about Kool and the Gang

Now, their original members are still hanging on with the Bell brothers, Brown and Thomas there. Longtime members that are still with the group include Curtis Williams on the keyboards and Michael Ray as an added trumpeter.  Some of their hits, that you might know and not even realize it’s theirs, are “Jungle Boogie” which was in Pulp Fiction and “Summer Madness” which was used in Rocky. They offer listeners a chance to enjoy every second of their performance and their music.

Getting Involved

Going to the casino is awesome and enjoying casino entertainment in Toronto just makes it that much better. Sure, it’s fun to go to the casino and to play blackjack and slots. But it’s even more fun to know that you’re going to a performance in the casino compound and that you’re going to enjoy everything that the large casino complex has to offer. Get in the game today, get into the concert today, enjoy the food and have a blast with so much more! You'll love the chance to have a Kool experience with Kool and the Gang. Whether you're an older person and you remember their concerts from when  you were young, or you're young and want to try something new and fun, you'll love what they have to offer.