See Air Supply at the Fallsview Casino

As one of the premier musical acts of the eighties, Air Supply sold millions of records, had major hits on the radio, and practically invented the genre of soft rock, influencing countless acts that followed them. Anyone who lived through the eighties has a few Air Supply songs etched deep in his or her memory. The band's classics, like All Out of Love and Making Love Out of Nothing at All, still have the same power to charm and entertain that they had when the songs were on the charts. And the band has remained as vital as ever, touring constantly to adoring fans across the world.

And they will be making a stop at the Fallsview Casino on February 26, 27, and 28 as part of the Fallsview entertainment series, which regularly books some of the most popular acts in the business to entertain its guests in style. People who have seen the band perform in recent years have come away awed by how well the band continues to play its long repertoire of songs, many of which have remained staples on classic radio stations. People don't have to be part of the eighties generation to enjoy the music, but it certainly holds a special place in the hearts of the people who first heard the songs when the band was releasing hit after hit.

Who's Performing at Fallsview?

Air Supply is the latest major act to join the standout line-up at the Fallsview Casino Resort.  Since the start of the year, the casino scheduled Smokey Robinson, the Beach Boys, Herman's Hermits, and Jefferson Starship, among others. Over the years, everyone from Ringo Starr and Diana Ross to Jay Leno and Sylvester Stallone have entertained packed crowds. The casino resort boasts a state-of-the-art theater that can comfortably fit 1,500 people. Even with the large space, Air Supply had to schedule no less than three shows to meet the incredible demand for tickets. Virtually all the major shows sell out soon after they are announced, so it's advisable to book tickets right away when the show is scheduled to make sure no one is left out of a concert he or she wanted to attend. That's true for local Toronto residents as well.  Some of the hottest tickets for the best shows taking place in Toronto these days are at the hotel casinos.

Shows at Fallsview

For many people, there are few experiences as fulfilling as seeing one of their longtime favorite bands live. And when it comes to the facilities at Fallsview, the experience is heightened even more by the set-up of the facilities. At Fallsview, the audience is much closer to the stage and the performers themselves, making it a much more intimate experience.  That's why the shows at Fallsview tend to sell out quicker than at other venues in Toronto. People simply love the feeling they get at the concerts. And when the band is a particular favourite, the feeling is even greater. It can trigger all the memories that have accumulated for the fans for so many years. When it comes to a band like Air Supply, that really touched people emotionally during their heyday, people may remember exactly when they heard the songs for the first time, and the time in their lives when the songs meant so much to them. People coming out of an Air Supply concert have been known to keep humming their favourite songs for hours after the show is over. They will come back to their hotels jazzed up after experiencing a world-class performance.