Get Ready for the Fallsview Blackjack 21 Tournament

There is nothing like a Blackjack tournament to bring out the competitive juices, and the best players. That's why the Fallsview Blackjack 21 Tournament, scheduled for January 21, promises to be one of the highlights of the casino season. The winner gets a hefty $25,000 prize, and it only costs $250 to enter. The big prize should appeal to experienced Blackjack fans anywhere, and the low entry cost could open the field to less experienced players who feel like they might be in the midst of a hot streak with their Blackjack playing. Plus, the setting at the Fallsview casino entertainment complex should attract a substantial number of players who are either already at the casino when the tournament begins or just need a good excuse to get there. Of course, Blackjack is already one  of the most popular games at Fallsview Casino, so it might be a good idea to register early for the tournament, since the casino may well be full of Blackjack players already. Places are limited, so anyone who expects to play should make sure that the proper arrangements are made as soon as possible.

A Toronto Blackjack 21 Tourney

While the grand prize of $25,000 certainly gets people's attention, it's worth nothing that the other prizes awarded in the championship round are nothing to ignore. Second place gets a cool $10,000, and third place earns the player $3,000. Even fourth place at the tournament is substantial, earning the player no less than $1,200. There are more prizes in a descending scale through 7th place. People who finish between 8th and 49th in the tournament receive $100, which is less than they paid to enter the tournament, but a nice consolation nonetheless. The $250 entry fee buys a player a place in the qualifying round and an opportunity to going on to the semi-final round and possibly the championship round where the big prizes are. And when it comes to card games, so much depends on luck that it's impossible to predict how the game will go. Blackjack combines luck and skill better than virtually any other game in the casino, since it takes a great deal of skill and experience to gain an intuitive feel for how to play the cards, especially the more complex hands. But it takes luck to get the right cards in the first place.

Look for the Casino-Hotel Shows

Part of the charm of the Fallsview Blackjack 21 Tournament is the VIP service that goes with it. Tournament participants are given the best service available at the casino. The casino also includes first rate entertainment, including musical performances by major artists in the 1,500 seat theater that's part of the casino. And it's not only tournaments and entertainment that make the Fallsview Casino such a popular place to spend some time. It is also the games and the service. There are more than 3,000 slots and video poker machines available at any time, including a number of progressive games where the jackpot grows every time someone plays and doesn't win until a lucky player really hits the jackpot. There are also a host of table games, including all of the classics such as roulette, poker, and craps. In addition, there is a poker room featuring all types of poker variations, including Texas Hold'em and more. There isn't a larger poker room anywhere in Ontario. In fact, there are so many reasons to enter the Blackjack tournament besides the excitement of competitive Blackjack. There is the atmosphere of the casino, which is electric, and the full package that comes with a visit to the casino.